Our Identity

Steam rising from swirling water, rising upward,  5 shapes matching POWER vision

Logo Icon


Wairakei Primary School Logo Icon


Wairakei Primary School Logo Icon reversed

Our logo icon – is the simplest form of your visual identity. Typically, our logo won’t explain what we do, however, as our identity develops it will serve as ‘short-hand’ for what Wairakei Primary School stands for.

Our effective WPS logo is (in no particular order):

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

The swirl whilst developed from a prior icon signifies movement, action. Typifying both water eddy and rising steam, it projects an authoriative 5 step action interlocked and in unison rising up. The 5 shapes could signify P.O.W.E.R


Wairakei Primary School Pre-2014 Logo Icon

View the swirl adaption stages

Introduction: objectives and benefits

Wairakei Primary School is driven by a clear mission: ‘works in partnership with our community to grow our children into confident lifelong learners’.

Living our mission means that across the school, we are unified in our approach and collaborative in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of the students and community we touch. This effort applies to everything we do — from our pedagogy, to our processes, to the tone, look, and feel of our communications.

Our identity principles are simple.

  • It’s about our people,
  • their stories and
  • their relationships

Together, we can contribute to Wairakei Primary School’s reputation and proud status as a leading educational provider.

Our name, Wairakei Primary School, and logo icon are important assets that maintain recognition around the Taupo region and at a national level. The presentation of our logo, image and our identity in a consistent way across all communication materials we produce demonstrates our pride and respect to our whanau. We visualise all of our opportunities and reflect the excellence our community believes we all produce.

At the heart of the Wairakei Primary School identity is the idea of ‘voice’, ‘dialogue’, and ‘communication’.

The voice brings the concept of Wairakei Primary School identity to life as flexible and coherent so it will help carry the meaning and vision of WPS in whatever form we need it to. At a local community level it will look and feel practical and dynamic, approachable yet professional. At the national level, authoritative and influential.

That’s why identity is so important.

For parents and students, professionals and the community, being visible, both in local communities and at a national level, will be one of the surest signs that Wairakei Primary School is ‘doing its job’. By its very nature, a school is a consolidated assembly — a whanau; the strength and quality of each part reflects upon the whole as well as other individual units. The power of a cohesive and consistently applied identity is an important tool that helps reinforce our message and presence and thereby serves to advance WPS.

Full Formal Name

The full formal name of the school remains Wairakei Primary School or Wairakei Primary School, Taupo. 

Discontinued Use of ‘Wairakei School’

Because of the proliferation of historical sub–brands within Wairakei Primary School and for the purpose of abbreviating and standardising how we have refered to the organisation, ‘Wairakei School’ will no longer be used in any communication. ‘Wairakei’ is currently associated with other business enterprises or a geographical location and will be avoided as a shorthand representation. We stand proud of our name and all that it represents.


Wairakei Primary School Full Logo

Primary Logo

Our identity is proudly chiselled in crisp WPS Blue or white letters onto a simple geometric colour slab to reference Wairakei Primary School’s geothermal heritage and connection to the river.

It’s clean. It’s modern. It’s proud. It’s our stamp of quality that unites our diverse range of activities from the courses we teach to the exceptional student experience we provide, both on and off campus.


Wairakei Primary School Full Logo reversed

Our identity has to talk to many audiences in many different voices, and we are first and foremost a leading academic organisation. It’s a place of contrasts: history and heritage combined with a progressive outlook and innovative teaching methods, a tranquil environment and vibrant learning programmes. Students enjoy the best of all worlds, and find the space where ideas and great work flourish. Our voice must have prominance and credibility in this space, so we have to keep our identity simple and clean.

POWER strapline

Our POWER vision as a strapline is an integral part of conveying our identity. To maximise its impact and to preserve Wairakei Primary School’s unique status we never use POWER strapline alone or linked to any product or service. WPS strapline belongs to the WPS identity. 


Wairakei Primary School Full Logo with strapline


Wairakei Primary School Full Logo with strapline reversed