Pet Day 2016

Wairakei Primary School Pet Day

Our special event of the year


This is a day when the school community, parents, teachers and children gather together for an interesting, enjoyable and educationally constructive day where children show their animals, and exhibit their handiwork by way of floral exhibits and baking.

The day starts with pet registrations at 8.30 at the various areas around the school. There will be directions showing where each animal is to go - one at the Library entrance, one at the Hall and one at the old admin block entrance. All animals need to register before the judging at 9.15 a.m. 
All baking entries to the supper room at the hall. There are a number of major aspects of the day in which we would like all children to be involved. Although it is called a `Pet Day' we would like all children to be given the opportunity to participate and make entries in all sections of the programme, so making it a full and worthwhile morning.



The aim of this is for the children to either display or perform with their pet. Children can only bring one pet. It may be a horse, calf, lamb, bird, cat, dog, guinea pig, mouse, rat or any other suitable animal. Performing animals such as dogs, lambs, goats and calves will be judged on their own merits, and will also be judged for obedience and handling around a course with their owner.


This year we are looking at a more specialised aspect of bringing a calf to Pet Day. These will be judged on:

  1. Leading around a ring and

  2. Care and attention.

All dogs must be registered and all owners must provide an immunisation certificate as proof that their dog's vaccination against the lethal and highly contagious Parvo Virus is up to date. These should be shown when the dog is entered in the competition and judges will also ask to see them. No vaccination certificate –no entry.  

Dogs brought to pet day must belong to the child family who is preparing and showing off the dog. We do not want children to bring a neighbour’s dog. They must be comfortable with and be able to handle that dog. No aggressive dogs will be allowed. Dogs should obey commands as "come", "stay", and "sit". 


Lambs, calves or goats should be given practice in being led and being called without food as an incentive. Because judges like to talk to pet owners it is suggested that they stay with their pet until after judging is completed. This means it is difficult for students to bring more than one pet. A soft toy pet can be brought along as well for those who haven’t a pet. Horses: will be judged on temperament and riders ability.


Note: If horses are being brought to Pet Day please let the school know in advance so necessary arrangements can be made. Also it would be good to know how many calves are coming to Pet Day. Important: There must be adult supervision at all times with the horses.

Cooking Exhibits


Displayed in the supper room of the hall

All children may enter into their appropriate cake section.

  • 5/6 years–Bake a Cake (judged) plain icing only

  • 7/8 years–Bake a Cake (judged) plain icing only

  • 9/10/11 years–Bake a Cake (judged) plain icing only

  • Year 6 only–Iced Novelty Cake (judged and auctioned)

A second cooking competition for students is categorised as follows:

  • 5/6 years–3 pikelets (plain, no toppings, no raisins, etc)

  • 7/8 years–3 scones ( (plain, no toppings, no raisins, etc)

  • 9/10/11–3 muffins or cupcakes (can be iced)New 


This year, as has happened in the past, we will auction the Year 6’s Iced Novelty Cakes.  Other Year 6 cakes will be sold and any other age group who wish to donate them on the cake stall after judging unless parents wish them not to be.Note: Year 6 students may enter the Bake a Cake section or the Iced Novelty cake section but not both. 

Floral Art

All Floral art exhibits will be done during class time  Friday 18th October 9–11a.m.All the things required for exhibits will need to be brought that day. It is a good idea to plan ahead, find as many flowers as possible and practice exhibits.  Parents are invited to school to assist with these arrangements in their child’s classroom and to move arrangements to the hall when completed.  If you have extra flowers, etc please send along so they can be shared with others.  Thank you for your efforts and co-operation. These exhibits are to be done by the children on the day and not by parents and bought to school (Especially the year 6 Miniature Garden). Each child is able to enter only TWO arrangements (as well as a pressed flower if children have pressed flowers already for the bookmark section). Please choose from the categories below.

  • Floral arrangement in a jar (All labels to be removed off jars).  All ages

  • Floral arrangement in a novelty container—must hold water.  All ages

  • Fruit/Vegetable Creation.  All ages

  • Floral Sand Saucer.  Year's 1-2 only

  • Pressed Flowers on a Card-book mark.  All ages

  • Miniature Garden-in an oven dish   Year 6 only

Please only use an oven dish! Not a cardboard box. 

The pressed flowers criteria is to make a bookmark on card using the pressed flowers in an inspiring creation. These will be durocealed at school (these must be pressed and dry) so start pressing these now to be ready. Labels will be given to the children on the Friday to name all exhibits (name and age).



Assorted raffles will be available from the raffle stall and will be drawn on Pet Day. These will include:

  • Grocery Hampers – (3 for $2.00)

  • $100 Note Raffle ($2.00 ticket)

  • Spinning Wheel

  • Silent Auctions

The raffles will be drawn following the auctioning of the Year 6 novelty cakes.

On the Day

The PTA always gives tremendous assistance in the organisation of our Pets Day. They will have available cold drinks, lollies and iceblocks. The Coffee Cart, Fun food and a Bouncy Castle will be on site throughout the day. There will also be the very popular sausage sizzle available. There will be an Enviro group stall selling seedlings and plants. The Year 5& 6’s run the fun stalls with tokens purchased for 50c. Prices are kept to a minimum, so we hope everybody will bring their sunhats, sun umbrellas and lots of sunblock to have an enjoyable day with their children and teachers. Everyone welcome.grandparents, friends, whanau join us on the day.

Help Needed


Are you able to help with any of the following?

We need:

  1. Items for our grocery raffle. Please send along to school.  Every little bit helps. Please no items past the expiry date.

  2. Items for the White Elephant Stall and Clothes (only clean baby and children’s clothes please). These can be sent to school. No electrical appliances thank you.

  3. If you would like to bake a cake/muffins/biscuits/sweets etc to sell on our sweet stall, that would be great, these always go down well (these can be bought to school on the Friday or Saturday morning). Please let the PTA know what you are bringing.

The PTA will be asking for help to assist on the day. We appreciate all the support to help make this an enjoyable day for everyone.

Many thanks

School Leadership Team and PTA