2018 kicks off with POWER

It’s exciting to be back at school for 2018. Our stationery is named and sorted, tote tray labels created, and we are ready to go with our learning.

We have new classrooms to enjoy, old friends to catch up with, and new people to meet.

Room 5 and 6 is our shared space and it is beginning to feel normal to us. Room 1 has visited us, and we all share the courtyard space for our brain breaks and eating times. We are starting our year reminding ourselves of our POWER, and how this POWER lies within us. We all have goals to work on, but we all have strengths too and we can help and support each other.

We have had a great start to the year and hope you can join us for our community open afternoon in Week 3.


Onyx looking closely at what respect means


Brainstorming what we already know about POWER


Two heads are better than one


Mrs Ross is on hand to help


Happy to get started and sort our stationery


Getting to know new friends and working together


We love learning drawing skills from Whaea Ange


We are tallying information about POWER for statistics


We all have POWER strengths


And a POWER goal to work on


It is great to be back

11 It s great to be back