Adventure Based, What?

As part of our PE this term we are involved in Adventure Based Learning tasks. These tasks are designed specifically to help us problem solve, adapt our thinking, communication, work cooperatively with peers, in small groups and whole class activities.

What is Adventure Based Learning?

“The deliberate use of carefully sequenced and processed adventure activities (in particular cooperative games, trust and problem-solving activities) for specific outcomes, often personal and social development. (Bag of Tricks 2010, Project Adventure New Zealand Associates).


Cooperative games trust and problem solving

Our objective has been on ‘Trust’. After we had a practice in the first week with 1 class we decided to try and work together as two classes to achieve the objective.

Our learning objective: To provide an opportunity for group members to trust their physical and emotional safety with others by attempting a graduated series of activities which involve taking some physical and/or emotional risks.


Jahreon and Jack using trust and working together to counterweight


Cyanalee and Nevaeh lean back

Activity - YURT CIRCLE TRUST WALK - (Greg Jansen, variation of Yurt Circle in Quicksilver – Karl Rohnke)

Task - Using a large (Tug of War) rope tied in a loop, have class stand in a circle. Holding rope tight, lean back without moving your feet. Everyone takes the strain.

Before we attempted this we had some practice with counterweight. This was heaps of fun and we certainly had to trust one another.


Nick and Fergus managed to master it after some practice


Alana and Halo mastered the one-handed balance


Mr Simm and Nikau demonstrating

After learning about counterweight we tried using the large rope. We realised we must learn and counter the person opposite us on the rope. This wasn’t as simple as it sounds.


Sometimes it took a bit of practice to master the counterweight


And they all fell down Working together having fun


Harrison waling to rope Can he trust his peers to hold him


Working together to achieve a goal Success

Keywords:  Trust, cooperation, Heath and PE, Adventure Based Learning, student agency

Working together to achieve a goal Success 11