Authentic Learning Tasks in Room 6

Our reading group was set a task to read information about Lebron James.

We found out that he is one of the top basketball players in the world. We made a timeline to work out how long ago the NBA (National Basketball Association) started in America. They had their first competition 72 years ago.

We knew that Whaea Ange’s son Curtis knows a lot about basketball as he has run workshops for us in the past. He is now studying to be a sports commentator at Auckland University of Technology. So we messaged him to ask if he would be available to run a virtual workshop with us, mark our work with us and answer questions we came up with as we studied Lebron and the history of NBA.

During the week building up to our virtual lesson on Friday, we found out that the NBA semi-finals were playing live (on Tuesday) and whichever team won, would play against Lebron’s team (The Cleveland Cavaliers) in the finals (which is another 7 games!) Tuesday afternoon became NBA Fever in Room 6 as students joined in to watch.

During our virtual workshop, Curtis helped us to understand the meaning of…

NBA Draft - Elizabeth says “it is when NBA leaders go and find outstanding university basketball players and sign them up to the NBA Competition.”

Professional Sports Player - Lucy says “they are sports players who play their chosen sport as a full time job and get paid for it, and usually quite a lot of money.”

Free Agent - Aidan says “it is a professional sportsperson who has finished either the year or their contract with their old team, meaning that now any other team can pick them as their new team member.”

Rookie of the Year Award - Carly says “a rookie is a sportsperson who is playing their first season or year in their chosen sport.”


Reading workshop recording in our glossaries


Virtual Learning Auckland University


NBA Semi finals Lebron James


maths in our reading workshop


Aidan Lucy Jackson Elizabeth Carly

Then, to further our knowledge, we were able to watch the first of seven final games on Friday 1st June. Jackson said, “It was amazing to see Lebron in action, he was fast, powerful and had a great aim for the basket.” Unfortunately, his team did not win, but we are not giving up hope.

We all say “Go the Cavaliers!”

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