Baby Kiwi and strawberry

Life is full of wonderful experiences and, eight students witnessed one of these first hand.

They attended the relocation and release of a 4-week old kiwi. The children named the baby kiwi ‘Shya’, at this stage, it has not been determined if it is a boy or girl. The children watched on as a tracking unit was attached and were then able to give the little bird a friendly pat to welcome it to our area and introduce Shya to her school mascot.

Our school is involved with the Kiwi Forever/Nest Egg Programme with a group of 8 students representing the school and working with Naomi from DOC and Renae from Wairakei Golf Course and Sanctuary.

Strawberries grown in the Aquaponics Unit are the best.

We only put two plants in the unit as a trial. The results are outstanding with beautiful sweet fruit being grown.

Sadly for most, the Enviro Group members eat them before they even leave the tunnel.

This one survived long enough to get a photo.

We are definitely putting more plants in.


Adam _ Kane sampling the strawberries


Strawberry - one of many!


Healthy growth

Student Group 17.11.17