Biodegradable Fruit Stickers

Biodegradable Fruit Stickers

By Brooke

Room 3, age 8

When I was out in the garden at school I saw lots of plastic fruit stickers in the soil. I wondered how they got there? I realised that they were probably there because the apples and other fruit from the compost had biodegraded, but the stickers hadn’t. I also noticed them stuck on our concrete at school.  


Finding fruit stickers in the garden when we cleaned it up


Fruit stickers litter our concrete at school


Burying them in our biodegradability garden to see if they would biodegrade.jpg

I had an idea to come up with a prototype for biodegradable apple stickers. I made some out of paper and cardboard.


Cardboard prototype


Brooke's prototype

After some research, I discovered that biodegradable apple stickers had already been made from apple.  Some high school girls had already come up with the idea

Then I saw in the news that a company has started to use biodegradable fruit stickers in New Zealand. I feel excited about that. It’s a shame that I didn’t come up with the idea first!

Brooke s prototype