Summer Holiday Learning Opportunities

This ‘Summer Slide’ refers to the loss of knowledge and skills acquired throughout the school year. For some students, this slide could be as much as six months. Read more about 'Summer Holiday Learning Opportunities'...

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Collaboration - What does it look like?

The ability to work effectively with others is a key element of employability and a key desirable outcome of a successful educational system. Read more about 'Collaboration - What does it look like?'...

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Playground Games

Hopscotch, Knuckle Bones, Marbles, Skittles, Stilts, Egg and Spoon Races, Gutter board, Hula Hoops and Pick Up Sticks -- Traditional Playground Games in Action! Read more about 'Playground Games'...

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Mini-Conferences are an opportunity for teachers to share some of the great work that is happening in our school and for the community, parents and whanau to get involved and have their say around some of the upcoming initiatives we are undertaking.

Read more about 'Mini-Conferences'...

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Getting the most out of parent interviews

Hearing how well your child is progressing, achieving their goals, and learning how you can support them in making academic and social progress, is an important and valuable process for... Read more about 'Getting the most out of parent interviews'...

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Progress reports

Celebrating Their Successes and Making a Plan to Achieve Next Steps Read more about 'Progress reports'...


Blog reading at home

Creating confident readers doesn’t just happen in isolation. It takes a school-wide reading culture along with a strong home-school partnership to foster the love of reading and literacy progress. Read more about 'Blog reading at home'...

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Sports tasters

Now is the time to sign your child up to a winter sport, either with a school or a local team.

Read more about 'Sports tasters'...

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Junior School Athletics Display

The children have been practising their jumping, throwing, running and dribbling skills, over the last few weeks and are showing the new skills they have learnt, to the parents, during this display

Read more about 'Junior School Athletics Display'...

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