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Driving education through technology

Room 2 have been investigating technology and recycled materials. The brief was to design and build a toy car aimed at 7-11-year-olds for a recycling company, the toy had to be made completely from recycled or upcycled materials. We looked at what materials can be recycled and what could be upcycled to stop more rubbish ending up in our landfill.





Achievement objectives

Planning for practice

Undertake planning to identify the key stages and resources required to develop an outcome. Revisit planning to include reviews of progress and identify implications for subsequent decision making.

Brief development

Describe the nature of an intended outcome, explaining how it addresses the need or opportunity. Describe the key attributes that enable the development and evaluation of an outcome.

Outcome development and evaluation

Investigate a context to develop ideas for potential outcomes. Trial and evaluate these against key attributes to select and develop an outcome to address the need or opportunity. Evaluate this outcome against the key attributes and how it addresses the need or opportunity. (NZ Curriculum 2007)





Using the design process we imagined what our car would look like, then could we design that car using recycled materials. Next was could we actually build it. Some found that a great idea is hard to put into practice and sometimes you just can’t build it. This leads us on to modifying were we don’t abandon the project we change what we cannot build.



The final outcome was to race our cars against the rest of the Te Mihi team. The students introduced their car and told us how it was made and what was the original idea. The winning car for the boys was Oliie Wigram with a car made from old wheels found at the dump and some recycled timber. The girls' winner was Kaytlin Forster with a car made from old CD’s, milk bottle tops and a kebab stick. Well done guys on a great effort designing and building your cars.

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