Maths breakfast club

Accelerating Learning in Maths or ALIM says “the flexible use of strategies when problem-solving relies on the ability to fluently recall basic facts”. 

In Room 2 we are concentrating on our basic facts through the Basic Facts Breakfast Club.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 815 am we sit and work on our basic facts. We have flips cards and games to help with the instant recall. We have a strategy that of we do not know it within a couple of seconds we put it in a ‘baddies’ pile and work on them twice.

Instant recall or subitizing of basic facts is our ultimate goal, this is where we are able to see the answer in our heads the instant we see the question. There is only one way to learn this by practice… practice… practice. I am glad to report that the students in Room 2 have been enthusiastic about breakfast club, some have even started working on them every morning. Well done Room 2 keep up the hard work.

It is really helping me with my maths. Korbin.

I think it is really helping me with my times tables. Kaytlin.









Maths Breakfast Club 9