R5's Swiss Army Knife Factory

Swiss Army Knives are a famous product of Switzerland. We learned that these have been around since the late 1800s and were originally used as tools for soldiers to service and repair their weapons. Swiss Army Knives are now a popular item around the world because they feature handy tools in a user-friendly package.

You might need a screwdriver to tighten a screw on one of your toys, or a magnifying glass to check some very small writing. The small saw would be useful for minor woodwork and some even have a pen that writes upside down. We discovered that many of our parents have Swiss Army Knives and some class members even brought theirs along to school. Ms Woodcock has an engraved one and it actually came from Switzerland.

We watched a video about a large Swiss Army Knife with 33 tools. We then wrote persuasive writing pieces with a mini class competition to try and convince our classmates to buy the product. We had to use phrases like, “I recommend…” and “You need this because…” The English curriculum asks that students at this level create a range of texts by integrating sources of information, use a text structure that is appropriate for the purpose, and select vocabulary that is appropriate, too.





Then we had a chance to create a replica Swiss Army Knife with our own chosen tools. We did quite a bit of research and were inspired by the fact that each and every Swiss Army Knife is put together by hand in Switzerland (Dallas told us this and we saw it in a video.) There are all sorts of interesting ones in our factory, with different colours. Most feature the Swiss flag displayed on the front. By doing this, we had a chance to explore the Nature of Technology in the Technology curriculum. Students understand that “technology both reflects and changes society and the environment and increases people’s capability.”This task also required Thinking and Managing Self - two of our Key Competencies.






You can see our creations and our persuasive writing on display in our class. Here is a video of some of our work.

We also learned about the Swiss Guard - the soldiers that look after the Pope. They have a very unique uniform. We had a go at sketching a Swiss Guard member.





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