Reading in Room 2

Room 2 has been working hard on reading. We have introduced a new format called Destination World.

The idea is that the children read a story or article from a country then complete a follow-up activity, fill in their passport and then get paid a departure tax to move to another country.

There is a range of independent and group activities across all reading levels. The thing I like about it is the use of School Journals. These are an amazing resource covering many reading levels and genres. The students have over 60 journal stories to choose from across 28 countries so there is great engagement and there is always something to new to read.

We read journal articles in our reading groups working on unpacking sentences. This is the skill of being able to retell what you have just read in your own words. This is quite a challenge for the children. They use and learn skills such as staying with the sentence, activating and using prior knowledge and self-monitoring. It's great to see so many children reading and completing follow up activities to a high standard.

Our learning outcome is: I am training my brain to think while I am reading.

Engagement in reading has certainly increased this term, it is great to see students happy to be reading and being able to work independently as well as part of a group.

A large part of the motivation to complete tasks to a high standard is about how much money or departure tax they can be paid.

My favourite part is I get to travel around the World and find out stuff about other countries, it sometime feels like you are in the Country. Abbey B

You get to research many countries and you have the choice to go and read about place I am interested in. James M

You learn heaps more about different countries and there are heaps of fun activities. The reading groups are fun but the convince me game is hard. Chloe M

The best part of our reading is that you get paid and it makes you want to do more work. Codee

My favorite part is doing all the activities and being paid to do work. Ollie








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