Room 10 Matariki Learning

We learnt about Matariki. We discovered that Matariki is a cluster of stars that appear in mid-winter each year to signify the start of the Maori New Year.  

We listened to the legend of Matariki and her 6 daughters and then looked at a range of different pictures and art pieces of the constellation. We discussed how we and others celebrate Matariki and as a class decided that we would celebrate Matariki this year by creating our very own wall art display. Together we created our own wall art display by brainstorming ideas and bringing them together to create a piece of art of the Matariki constellation in the night sky with a kiwi grazing below in the grass. We thought that our stars needed to have Maori patterns on them to make them more interesting and show their significance to Maori, we decided that having the koru pattern would fit well as it represents new life and growth and Matariki is about celebrating the new year, harvesting and planting for the new season.







Matariki 3