Scavenger Hunt Success

Before Waitangi Day, the Aratiatia Community took part in a collaborative day of learning about the Treaty of Waitangi.

There was a lot to take in and we enjoyed a day of writing, art, Te Reo Maori, and a scavenger hunt, all based on the Treaty.

For the scavenger hunt, we had to search for 14 Treaty facts around our learning areas. Some were even hidden outside, so we had to use our strong detective skills. Some of us teamed up so that we could give hints about where they were hidden. Some were in the flax bush, behind chairs, up on high shelves, or under the couch. It was fun to find them and we didn’t give up. We helped each other find all the facts. This helped us practise the Key Competency of ‘participating and contributing’.

It was great to learn new things about Aotearoa. Finding out about the Treaty has helped us make our own class treaties so that we all make and agree on the rules together.


Danidu has top scavenging skills


We learned what languages the Treaty was written in


Aidan shares some of his findings


Donald has spotted one


Donald and Matthew share the job


Jayden found a fact card


Here_s another one


A treaty is an agreement


Joe shares his learning


This one was pretty easy to find


We learned the purpose of a Treaty

01 Danidu has top scavenging skills