Te Mihi Drama

Lights, Camera, Action!  These were the words you could hear almost every afternoon in Room 4 during Term 3.  

As part of our Collaborative Learning goals, we wanted the children in the Te Mihi team to experience learning through their passions. So at the beginning of the term each of the teachers provided the children with a ‘taster’ of the type of activities they would be doing for the rest of the term. After experiencing each of the tasters the children got to choose their favourite one that they were passionate about and wanted to learn more about.

In Room 4 we studied drama. So with my mixture of Te Mihi children, we were off. We learnt about the elements, techniques and conventions of drama through a traditional myth and legend (How Maui found fire). After the children had been exposed to the skills and had a chance to practice them, they were able to devise their own stories. Scripts were written, props were made and we practised, practised and practised some more. Each group had a chance to show their play to the rest of the drama group for some feedback and feed-forward before the big performance.

Group 1 – Cinders.  Based on the traditional story of Cinderella but with a twist.



I liked taking the wedding ceremony – Vienna

I like how the people in our play acted when they were in character – Chrissy-Lee

Group 2 – High School musical meets Shortland Street.  Based on a group of girls from high school going to a party and one of them collapse and has to go to Shortland Street.



I made myself into my character by wearing a wig – Nathan

I liked the way I acted sassy - Savannah

Group 3 – Lights Out.  A thriller of a story using percussion instruments to create tension and atmosphere, this one also had a twist.



I changed my facial expressions and personality to become my character – Dannika

I like how we made the crowd scared - Willow

Group 4 – Family Fallout.  A moving story about the trials of family life.



I liked the positions that we were in on stage – they were different for each scene – Abby M

I liked that everyone was in character and focused – Eve

Group 5 – 3 Bears, sort of.  An adaption of the traditional story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. A good comedy.




I liked the way I used my arms – Brodie

I liked the way I was so engaged in the story – Finn

There were even children who helped out with the music and sound effects for a lot of the groups.  Thanks Justyce!

I am a music whiz - Justyce


Tech helper

I loved the motivation of each of the groups and I loved the variety of their performances.  It was also fantastic to see other children stepping up and going into a play when someone was away.  I could also see the confidence of some children growing as the term went on.

Well done Te Mihi team, the drama was great, the art was great and the science experiments were great. Fantastic team effort.

3 bears 5