What are we eating?

We got into groups of 4-5 people and then we had to get our lunchboxes out. We wondered what was going on! It was part of our inquiry called ‘Interactions’.

Room 7 and 8 all named their lunchboxes and took a photo of them. Then we sorted our food into groups and tallied the numbers of different food groups we had. We made a bar graph to show this. Later on, we cut out our lunchbox photos and classified all of the food. The choices were eat most, eat some and eat least. We were really surprised at the amount of eat least food that we have every day. We did a lot of talking about food and food groups.

By Tatiana


We took pictures of our lunches


There are lots of food groups in our lunches


Once we had photos, we cut them out


It was interesting comparing our lunches


We classified into EAT LEAST


Eat some


Eat most

1 We took pictures of our lunches