What Do We Need To Be Happy?


With a focus on Statistics in Maths at Wairakei School this term, Room 4 decided to carry out an investigation on what we think are vital components for happiness.

We talked about how important our wellbeing is and thought it would be interesting to find out just what we felt was important in order for us to maintain happiness.

The first thing we did was to discuss the concept of feelings and identify the four feeling domains of anger, sadness, fear and joy. We all agreed that happiness fell into the ‘joy’ domain.

Then we discussed joy and happiness, and we all contributed our ideas and definitions of happiness:

Happiness is a feeling in your heart that shoots out into your body - Pippa

Happiness is when someone is kind to you - Hana

Happiness is when you have a big smile on your face - Lucy

Together we defined happiness as: ‘A feeling that makes us feel good’.

We talked about all the things that make us happy and Mrs Young wrote our ideas up on the whiteboard for us to use in our statistical investigation: ‘What is the most important ingredient for happiness?’.  

We each chose five ‘ingredients’ for happiness and created a table to gather our data. Because we are so different, our ingredient lists were different too! Then we set about surveying our classmates, using tally marks to record the data. 


Lucy asking Casey what is the most important thing for her happiness.


Ashleigh, Taylor and Isla surveying each other.


Hana points out the most important ingredient for her happiness to Blake. 


Pippa and Laila filling in their tally charts.

Once completed, we displayed our results in a bar graph. This was pretty tricky as there were a number of components we needed to include: A title, labels on each axis, equal gaps in between the bars and equal sized bars. 


Tia’s completed graph


Hana’s completed graph


Lucy’s completed graph


Darius’ completed graph


Blake’s completed graph


Taylor’s completed graph

When we shared our results at the end of the session, we found that the most important ingredient for happiness in Room 4 is… LOVE! Do you agree?

-------------------------------------------Keywords: Maths, statistics, investigations, social and emotional skills

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