Enrolments - Office

The Wairakei Primary School enrolment process is all about finding the right fit.

Paula Farquhar - Principal

A journey does remind me time has advanced. Yet, more, it is also a great reminder of what I've done. What we've achieved.

Jenna Foley - Team Leader

Moving from Auckland to the beautiful Taupo region with my family has been a very positive and rewarding experience.

Tracey O'Sullivan - Lead Teacher

While I came to the profession later in life I have been teaching since 2008.

Natasha Forrest - Lead Teacher

Gosh, I just love my job. The community is that of beauty and the support is magnificent. This makes my job that more satisfying.

Olivia Graham - Lead Teacher

I am a teacher and team leader in the Aratiatia team, teaching Year 3 and 4 students.

Rachel Thompson - Teacher

I began teaching at Wairakei Primary School in January 2017. My eldest daughter attends this school and my twins will start school this year too.

Tayla Nicholson - Teacher

Previously I was a swimming teacher here in Taupō and I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the children to help them complete and master skills.

Leanne Jackson - Teacher

I have a long history of being part of the education world. My experiences include being a parent, grandparent, and teacher.

Fiona Griffin - Teacher

I believe Wairakei Primary School is a special place. It provides a safe environment for our children to discover, create and develop their love of learning.

Sara Sprague - Lead Teacher

I have been teaching since 2004. I started teaching at Wairakei Primary School in 2011 and love teaching at this very special school.

Angel Chauval-Smith - Teacher

I have been lucky enough to have an amazing year 3 and 4 class, for another year.

Chris Simm - Teacher

I have had a number of years as a teacher and am still loving the challenges.

Paul Morehu - Teacher

I am from Christchurch but moved to Taupo at the end of 2018. I am passionate about travelling with my most memorable trip being to Egypt.

Melissa Isaacson - Teacher

I have been teaching at Wairakei Primary School since 2018. I started teaching in 2001 and I have taught from New Entrants to Year 7’s.

Shannen Holder - Teacher

My passion is for developing successful life-long learners. I place a strong emphasis on developing a child academically.

Claire Smith - SENCO

I have been part of Wairakei Primary School since 2006. I was a full-time teacher across the school for 11 years before taking on a...

Carla Ross - Part-Time Teacher

Since 2013 I have been teaching at Wairakei Primary School in many different roles.

Colleen Green - Part-Time Teacher

I have worked in a variety of roles at Wairakei Primary School since 2015 and now cover full-time teachers when they have classroom release time.

Jeannie Young - Teacher

I began teaching at Wairakei Primary School in 2018 as a part-time release teacher, and love everything about the role.

Val Mansfield - Office manager

I am the Office Manager at Wairakei School. I have been in this position since July 1994.

Cindy Clunie - Teacher Aide

I am a teacher aide at Wairakei Primary School and am involved with supporting a huge range of children from our band new 5 year...

Diana Fitzsimmons - Teacher Aide, Enviro Group Coordinator

I have been associated with Wairakei Primary School since 1990 (with my daughter, Shalee and son, Robbie attending) and have been a member of staff...

Penny Fischbach - Teacher Aide, Librarian

I have had many varied jobs over the years but I have now found my niche.

Rhonda Ellington - Office Assistant

I have been associated with Wairakei Primary School since 2003 with all three of our children Daniel, April-Rose and Ashlee attending.

Reporters Club - Editor

Goals and mission statement Coming Soon

Jacqui Melvin - Teacher Aide

I have been a Teacher Aide here at Wairakei Primary School since March 2018.

Dallas Thorne - Teacher Aide

As both of my parents were teachers in Southland and having two adult sons, who have gone through the education system, I have been involved...

Robyn Koorey - Reading Recovery Teacher

I work as a Reading Recovery teacher at Wairakei Primary School.

Marie Ardern - Voluntary Teacher Aide