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One Team Growing in POWER

Room 2 revisited the schools POWER values. Each student started by ranking their understanding of each value  from strongest to weakest. We presented …

Senior STEM Experiences

Part of my role as Assistant Principal is to be in and out of different classes from juniors to seniors. How could I make my time in the classrooms a …

Leading the Way

Student leadership is fostered and developed across a variety of different contexts. Our students are always eager to be a part of these leadership op…
4 min Read

Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Handwriting? Wow, many of us would think that it is a thing of the past. However, being able to write efficiently and legibly is still important.

Shapes Matter?

Have you ever wondered why shapes are important to us? 

The students of Room 4 are discovering the importance of shapes and how they make up everyday…
4 min Read

Magic or Magnetism

Investigating the magic around the force of magnetism. Through experiments and investigations, students have found that magnetism is a force that attr…

“MoveWell” to Move Well

A new resource and program for schools from Sport NZ, providing skill based games that encourage and assist in implementing effective Physical Educati…
3 min Read

Chromebook POWER

Students have become acquainted with new class members, new routines and, for many, a brand-new teacher as well as brand-new Chrome books. The Kiwi re…

Vision and Mission

Wairakei Power Station was commissioned in 1958 and Wairakei Primary School followed not long after on September 7, 1959. Our school history and cultu…
2 min Read

Positive Positional Language

Learning about positional language - under, in, on, in front of, between. To learn positional language effectively,  ‘hands on’ learning experiences a…

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

What is the dream in Room 9 for 2022?  

To apply teamwork skills in a variety of different settings. 
3 min Read


Students look expectantly at Penny Fischbach as the Quick 60 lesson is about to begin. Her enthusiasm and the students' readiness to start their daily…

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