Architect’s in the making

Room 4 have been looking at measurement and how to use and read a ruler.


We were given a challenge to design and create our very own school. We were given some set buildings that we had to take measurements from our Figure it out books and transfer these onto graph paper.  

Te Ramaroa said: I'm using the boxes to help measure the size of the classroom. 


We need to be able to read the ruler and understand the difference between cm and mm. We had to take the measurement correctly for our school to fit onto the new area / map. 

Oscar said: I am using my measurement skills to measure things correctly. 


It was important that we used straight lines for the outside of our buildings.

Joseph said: I am learning how to push my pencil against the ruler, to make a straight line. 


We had to put our cutting skills to the test when cutting out our buildings and placing them on our big piece of coloured paper. Once we had placed the required buildings onto the plan we were then able to add other buildings, playgrounds we may want to have in our school. We also had to come up with a name for our school. 


Architects in the making 3