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I got my sign - It is finally here

Standing proud at the front of the school. And it looks amazing. My eyes drift towards it as I enter the car park (of course - whilst watching for stu…
7 min Read

Hey, it's a Hologram

A three-dimensional projection which can be seen without using any special equipment, viewed from any angle. As the mini-projector moves around the di…
8 min Read

Art Critic

Pastels, water colour paints, sculpture, printmaking, and sketching - if it's part of the visual arts, it has been happening across the Ohaaki team.

2022 Interschool Swimming Sports

The small group of Wairakei Primary School swimming competitors enjoyed their time at the Interschool Swimming Sports held in 2022. Unfortunately our …
5 min Read

I See Pink Fluffy Elephants, What Do You See?

Students have been learning about how artists use colour, line, shape and different materials and techniques to tell a story. We have had a particular…

The Kuia and the Spider

An effective way of integrating te Reo into the classroom is by using picture books.
4 min Read

Exploring Art Elements

Room 13’s woven owl Calendar Art project was the perfect opportunity to explore different art elements.

Lines were drawn on a piece of paper to show …
5 min Read

A taste of art

A taste of art has been on the menu in the Te Huka team as students  had  opportunities to experience new forms of art inspired by the teachers in our…

We like to move it, move it

Movewell, the resource for teaching Physical Education as been used by all the teachers are Wairakei Primary School.

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