Brilliant Pepeha

Learn about Grayson’s understanding about learning Te Reo Maori in his classroom. Grayson is explaining how pepeha is used in his learning. The objective is to scaffold him  to feel confident to share his pepeha that he has learnt off by heart by the time he leaves Wairakei Primary.  We are aiming to have him do this with confidence each and every time he says his pepeha.

Grayson has also risen to the challenge of writing a blog about his learning. He has taken feedback and advice to get to the end product.

By Grayson

Room 4 designed and brainstormed a fantastic digital pepeha. A pepeha introduces you in Te Reo Maori. It is used to greet people in the New Zealand National language, Maori. It connects  people to the land stating your mountain, and river. 


We are learning to pronounce our pepehas using Te Reo Maori confidently to let people know who we are and where we come from. We need to use accurate spelling as this is respectful towards another culture as well as  to help us pronounce the Te Reo Maori words correctly.

After we finished writing our pepeha on the pepeha website, we downloaded a jpg image. We had to use our technology skills to re-find the image we had downloaded in our folder, then uploaded our jpg image from our download folder and attached it to an email using  G-mail, to send our pepeha image to Miss Nicholson our teacher to print. 



A visual pepeha helps us to associate pictures with words to help remember our pepeha off by heart. We drew art to show our mountain, riverwaters/lake, pictures that symbolize where you live or identify as home, our whānau name, lastly, our name. 



Our pepehas create confidence in us to make people know who we are and where we are from. It is easier for us to write and brainstorm ideas independently and quickly by just knowing this information about ourselves.

By the end of Year 4 I have set a goal to remember my pepeha off by heart by introducing myself to others regularly, or recording myself saying it to listen to the pronunciation of my words, and gain advice from Matua Grant on my fluency.


Grayson - Not all art is perfect, actually nothing is.

Aria - The Pepeha because it represents you and the Māori language.

Carter - It supports my family.

Mila - It tells people about your family.

Kyesha - “It tells people about your whanau.

Keywords: Digital Pepeha, Technology skills, Māori language, Family-Whānau,

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