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Gaining life perspectives from stories and articles is a rich learning experience.

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Reading the school journal article 'The Kōrero of the Waka' sparked wonder about how people carve. The Poem 'He Toi Whakairo' used onomatopoeia to detail the sounds made while carving.

Dani, Lachlan, Ryleigh, Scarlett and Indie used the whakairo patterns of spiderwebs, fish scales, flounder, and koru, shown in this poem, to create their carving.

The combination of these mainly nature-based carving designs made our carvings different.

I have managed to use every single carving suggestion and filled up my plan heaps. My plan is way bigger than my soap; this might be tricky.

Drawing your designs onto your soap helped them make their designs look as planned. Using toothpicks, they began carving out their meaningful designs.

This smells nice and makes a snow-covered mountain of snow-looking soap shavings.

I plan to have valleys and ridges to show shadow and depth.

In the next few reading sessions, we persuaded carving, drawing and shaping with care and passion our representation of our mana for reading.

Ensuring I represented my family in my carving was very important. My family support and help me in everything I do; they are the waka that guides me.

Including links and connections to animals was my plan’s aim. Animals have always been unique to me.

Showing my connection to Lake Taupō was important to me as this is where I live and love being.

Family is important, they are always there, and I wanted to show it in my carving.

Taupō, family, dachshunds, and friends are all things that keep me moving forward.

The story and activity have provided an understanding and appreciation of a challenging and skilful craft. They all produced unique carvings and enjoyed the challenges they created.

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Angel Chauval

Wairakei Primary school has a wonderful rural environment and an amazing community. I enjoy working with this community to help students rise to succeed. Learning happens everywhere and is different for every child, celebrating and challenging students is my drive as a teacher.

I strive to encourage every student to achieve to the best of their ability. My passions are Technology and Science. I use them as foundations in unlocking excitement and wonder to produce thinkers and creators.

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