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2 min Read

The Best in the Multiverse

Exaggeration makes everything bigger, better, and a lot more exciting. Students have been learning to use hyperbole (exaggeration) in their writing, f…

Fantastic, Fast, and Fun Fitness

Term 3 and cross country running go together like fish 'n chips. Cross country training can inspire a love or hate response. While most students can i…
4 min Read

Brilliant Pepeha

Learn about Grayson’s understanding about learning Te Reo Māori in his classroom. Grayson is explaining how pepeha is used in his learning. The object…
2 min Read


Throwing around words like “impossible”, “likely”, “definite”, “unlikely”, “certain”, and “possible” has made everyone think about how we often over e…
8 min Read

Art Critic

Pastels, water colour paints, sculpture, printmaking, and sketching - if it's part of the visual arts, it has been happening across the Ohaaki team.
5 min Read

I See Pink Fluffy Elephants, What Do You See?

Students have been learning about how artists use colour, line, shape and different materials and techniques to tell a story. We have had a particular…

We like to move it, move it

Movewell, the resource for teaching Physical Education as been used by all the teachers are Wairakei Primary School.

Measurement Fun

Room 1 explored the mathematics concept of measurement. Non-standard units and standard units were the terms we used  and understood during discussion…
9 min Read

Green Makes Me Go

We can experience colour. We can smell and touch colour. We can even feel colour. As part of our Move to Grow inquiry, Room 3 has been exploring colou…

Movewell Team Work makes the Dream Work

What makes a good team, you may wonder? Room 4 are looking at how to cooperate and work together. 

The emphasis is not on winning, but to increase th…

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