Kindness Boomerang

Kindness is being “nice, loyal, showing respect and whanau, giving compliments, helping others, sharing and caring”. 

When asked what is kindness? This is what the students in Room 8 came up with. Room 8 are revisiting and learning about kindness. We are learning to recognise what kindness looks like, feels like, and sounds like, as well as its effect on ourselves and others. 

We watched the video ‘kindness boomerang’ and learnt that kindness comes in all shapes and forms. It can be as simple as helping someone cross the road, asking someone if they are okay, or giving someone a glass of water. The video points out that although we may not always see it ourselves, kindness creates a ripple effect. Every now and then this ripple effect boomerangs back and those who are kind experiences kindness themselves . 

When asked how we felt when shown kindness, Room 8 said “happy, warm, good and like we have friends”. In groups, we came up with our own acts of kindness and created kindness boomerang videos. We set a class challenge for each of us to purposefully perform an act of kindness each day. At the end of each day, we are also reflecting on what acts of kindness were shown to us. As the boomerang video says “kindness keeps the world afloat”.

Kindness Boomerang Video

Our Kindness videos here

Curriculum Links 

Health and Physical Education

(Personal health and physical development) Describe how their own feelings, beliefs, and actions, and those of other people, contribute to their personal sense of self-worth.


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