Knitted Snakes

A busy morning in Room 4 today Caleb the Master of the Knitted Snakes was teaching an eager group of hand knitters how to knit snakes, to hang snakes in our trees and place on our rocks for out Summer Concert.  

Caleb Said: I took Nelson, Isla, Rhea and Eden into the corner of the classroom. I taught them how to make finger knitted snakes. We started with two finger increasing onto 4 fingers and then back to 2 fingers. I taught them the two finger knitting first because it is the quickest to learn. Courtney couldn’t even do it. Miss Nicholson got it the first time. 



Our workshop not only taught us how to make snakes, but we also showed POWER by taking turns, helping each other and encouraging each other when making them. We also were telling each other that they are going to do it right as some people were nervous about making mistakes. 


This is what the group had to say about Caleb’s workshop:

Rhea said: Caleb was an awesome teacher and helped me do finger knitting.

Isla said: I liked whenever I was stuck on something Caleb was right there helping me.

Nelson said: Caleb was a great mini teacher. It is relaxing doing finger knitting.

Eden said: Caleb was showing me how to do it. It was hard work.


Written by Caleb Munro

Knitted snakes 03