Playground Games

A Time Warp at Wairakei

Hopscotch, Knuckle Bones, Marbles, Skittles, Stilts, Egg and Spoon Races, Gutter board, Hula Hoops and Pick Up Sticks -- Traditional Playground Games in Action!

As adults, if we think back to our school playground games several may come to mind including hopscotch and knucklebones. 

As time and technology has moved along, a lot of these games have disappeared from playtimes and lunchtimes. 

So at Wairakei Primary School we have decided to do something about that!




Last Friday morning in the beautiful sunshine the whole school spent an hour rotating between teachers to learn how to play these games. 

We played Rip Zone (modern tag) - I liked it because we were running around and being active. It’s fun because sometimes you’re in and sometimes you’re not - Reidoom Room 5/6

It was a challenge to get past everyone - Cole Room 5/6

I think the teachers had as much fun as the students reminiscing about their childhood adventures!

I loved watching the children create their own hopscotch and practice their jumping skills - Mrs Isaacson

I loved that the kids were so engaged and were having so much fun - Mrs Griffith

Every lunchtime our teachers will be bringing out these ‘traditional’ games for students to play together. 

I liked elastics because we could jump and we could learn how to do even trickier jumps - Paige Room 12




These playground games will promote teamwork, collaboration, turn-taking, physical activity and also fine and gross motor skills - all very important skills for a child’s development and academic progress. 

I enjoyed the chalk games because we had to draw dots and then squares on the ground - we had to think about how we could make them - Nathan Room 7

The hula hoops were fun because we could do so many different things with them - I liked skipping with them” - Sadie Room 10

The games fit into the movement concepts and motor skills area of the Health and PE curriculum where  “students develop motor skills, knowledge and understandings about movement, and positive attitudes towards physical activity”

I like the hula hoops - it was cool when I could throw them up and try to catch them - Stacy Room 2

It will also give opportunities for our senior students to help our younger students - a great example of ‘tuakana teina’.




I liked the egg and spoon races because I didn’t drop them - Alyssa Room 14

At home, talk to your children about these games and share with them what your favourite activities were to play in the school playground. You may even be able to teach them some new ones we haven’t thought of.




Many of these games can be purchased from shops such as Kmart or The Warehouse and would make fantastic summer lawn activities to get kids outside and enjoy the fresh air!




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