POWER to Others

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa

For our Room 7 Inquiry we had to select a charity to donate to without fundraising money. We decided to support Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland. We chose Starship because we thought that it would be kind and helpful to help other kids, and because we are kids too.  Another reason is that our best friend Imogen went to Starship.

We helped by making inspirational cards for each of the children in Starship. We ended up making 255 cards. The cards we made were bright and colourful with positive messages, and we signed them all. We  hope these cards will cheer up the children in Starship.

Firstly, we wrote supporting messages on blank pieces of paper and wrote them in bright colours.


Secondly, we all glued them onto colourful bits of card with a border around the edge.



After that we signed every one with our names and the school’s name.

Last of all we laminated them all and then cut them out.


Finally we stacked them into one big pile with a pretty purple ribbon, put them in a box and Mrs Isaacson took it to the post office and sent them away.




We hope that these cards make all the kids very happy and feel loved and supported.

Key words: Starship Hospital, Inquiry, POWER to others, cards.

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