Probability with Fractions

I roll a die - what is the probability that I will roll a five? What about an odd number? What about a number less than four?

If I roll two dice -  How does this change the fractions? What is the probability of rolling an odd number now? What is the probability of rolling a total of seven?

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These are just some of the questions that were explored during our probability learning. Being able to find fractions, simplify those fractions and recognise what the keywords are in the questions has been an interesting learning experience for the students of Room 1.

Discussions with classmates and exploring collections of blocks was another way that probability was explored. Moving about the classroom with a whiteboard to record results on, the students were able to talk with their peers about their discoveries and help each other with simplifying fractions and checking for answers.

Working with the blocks and being able to move them around into groups really helped me to understand how the fractions can be simplified. When I sorted the six blocks and I had three white ones, two blue ones, and a red one, I could see that ½ of the blocks were white - or 3/6.

Having a dice to pick up and look at was good for counting the sides and looking at the numbers. I found it easier to work out the fractions when I could use the dice to check my answers.

Being able to talk to a buddy about the answers that I had and the answers she had was good for checking. We had some good talks about how we got our answers. Stacking the blocks and lining them up really helped to find the answers and work out the fractions.

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Carla Ross

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