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Shot Put

Primary school athletics days bring back memories for everyone.

We all had our favourite and our loathed events - shot put was one of my favourites.
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Winning the Party Vote

During the lead up to an election New Zealand’s political parties are easily identified by their logos. Each party’s logo is distinct to them, uniform…
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Hooking you in

When you pick up a new book to read, the first couple of pages are often the make or break - will the beginning pull you in enough to keep reading? Or…

Reaching Peak Strength

Two groups of Year 4-6 students were put through their paces by Aaron from Peak Strength. Using a variety of game and weight based strength exercises,…
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Out on Patrol

“Signs Out - wait please - check”


“Cross now please”
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Tu meke Tuatara

Do you know that the tuatara is New Zealand’s largest reptile and is often called our living dinosaur? Room 14 do!
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Recognising Student Leaders

In a full school assembly, we presented our Year 6 Manukura, Bus Monitors, Librarians and Road Patrollers with badges and hats to wear at school.
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Tackle5 Champions

Te Mihi students have been involved in a new Tackle5 initiative from the New Zealand Rugby Football Union. Supported by Josh Standen from King Country…
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A River Runs Through It

Wairakei Primary is lucky to have a number of streams that run through our local surrounding areas. Many of these streams ultimately feed into the Wai…
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Writing with a Purpose

Adults, when we sit down to write, do so for a specific purpose and audience. We write letters and emails to express our views, to apply for jobs or t…

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