Raranga Harakeke

It is always great to do some craft at the end of a term. It is a quiet, focused activity, allowing us to work by ourselves or with a buddy if we want to.

It is great to try something new and a bit challenging. Room 1 started off with a bit of paper weaving, in preparation for some flax weaving - using the real McCoy! There was a lot of flax to choose from.

Mrs Graham was no expert so we researched some instructional videos of things we would like to make. We used keywords such as ‘easy’, ‘flax’ and ‘weaving’. When searching, we found ‘Raranga Ika’ - weaving a fish. It had the words in Te Reo.

We learned some new words such as:

  • Raranga = weaving

  • Harakeke = flax

  • Ika = fish

Weaving a fish was the easiest place to start. Or so we thought...

I can’t do it. It keeps falling apart.

I can do the first part but the second step is really hard. I can’t get it.

It turned out that an ‘easy fish’ was not so easy. Even Mrs Graham was struggling. Some eventually figured it out and we got real-life instructions from them - much easier to understand.






Some students preferred to create things using their imagination. Plaiting was fun, as well as making swords and mats. Tomorrow we will keep trying. We will help others with their creations and try some more tricky things. We are enjoying finding videos to give us instructions. And we will not give up! 







Keywords: raranga, weaving, flax,

Curriculum links: Art L2 - Developing practical knowledge - Explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles.Te Reo - Listening L1 - Recognise and understand simple, familiar spoken words, phrases and sentence

2019 Room1 Weaving 5