Room 4 becoming Journalists

Room 4 has been exploring ways to write to capture an audience.

What better way to showcase our work by displaying these on our classroom Newspaper wall.  



We had to look at what a newspaper was made up of and things we would need to include to capture a range of different people. We looked at the title or headline of the newspaper  and how this would attract readers. The title of our article also plays a part when it comes to people wanting to read our article. We thought about what we had to include in our writing to make it interesting and capture a reader. 

Dane said I would like to call my Newspaper The Dane Times because it’s all about the things I am doing. 

Keiran Said The headline of my Newspaper is Cheese Island Times, because I wrote a story about cheese Island, which gave me inspiration. 

 We had to draft our writing then self edit it before getting a teacher to check it before we published it in our Newspaper.



Let the publishing begin



Isla said In my Newspaper you will find a piece of writing about Dad and I on the farm.

If you want an interesting read come and have a read from one of Room 4’s amazing articles. 

Keywords: Newspaper, Journalists

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