Team Work makes the Dream Work

What makes a good team, you may wonder?

Room 4 are looking at how to cooperate and work together. 


The emphasis is not on winning, but to increase the social discussions to complete a task together as a team. 


Brody: Teamwork makes it, so you can finish your task really easily.

It's important to teach the students how to have group and peer discussion to solve conflict and issues that may arise when having to work with other people. It’s fantastic to see how teams and individuals respond to the discussion their groups have. 

Luka: Teamwork means you need to listen to the builder because they do all the hard work.



Some reflection time resulted in the students having to unpack how they worked together as a group and what they could have done better. 

Student responses to the reflection questions:

  • What was a change you could have made in the way you listen to others? 

Beauden said: One person speaking at a time. 

Luke said: We could have listened better to the architect.

  • How well did your group brainstorm?

Aiden said: Good because we all shared ideas.

Avery: We didn't argue over jobs.

  • What strategies did you use?

Isa said: We left gaps in between blocks. Team work, we used our imagination. 

Emmy said: To use less blocks.

  • How did you work in your group?

Phoebe said: We all participated well.

Sienna said: We listened to the speaker. 



As a class we have loved the resources on the Movewell website under the cooperation tab. Focusing on the  Team Build, Inchworm and Clock Dribble actitivtes. The discussions are all based on working together as a team. Some in small groups and others as a whole class.  

Keywords:  Movewell, team work, participation, cooperate, discussions, conflict 

Ministry of Education - MoveWell 

Curriculum Links:  Health and Physical Education - Positive attitudes 

Team work makes the dream work 4