Tick Tock Time

Our maths focus is on time.

We have learned about different parts of time - miliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, decades, centuries and milleniums.

Much of our focus has been on how to read a calendar, how they help us and keep track of tasks that have to be done on each day. We got to create a calendar page for a month and illustrate it.



We also have been learning how to read a clock. Noting how the hands move and that the little hand stays within its room so we know that it is the hour we are still on. We found out that a clock is divided into 12 rooms. The little hand stays in it’s own Room for a whole hour. When the little hand is in a room the room belongs to the smaller number that is at the front of the room.


We have mainly been focusing on 15 past, half past and 45 minutes. Some of us are getting really good at reading the clocks to other, more tricky times too.






We are also learning to work out word problems involving units of time. 

This has been a great unit for learning to read the analogue clock in our class.

I liked learning about the ‘Rooms’, it helped with knowing which hour the little hand was on. I also liked making the calendar pages. Zoe

I like learning random times because it is more challenging. Max

I like learninng about how the rooms can help telling the time. Lennox

I like trying to figure out the time. Lexi

I like learning something new. Alex

Keywords: Clocks, time, maths, fractionsAttributed to: Written by Olivia, Alex, Lexi, Edited by Carla Ross, Aratiatia Team, Room 2 2019Curriculum links: Technology, Maths, ArtKey competencies: Participating and contributing, Relating to others, Language, Symbols and text