Top Tips to Combat Germs

Room 2 have learnt about how we can help to keep germs away and stay healthy.

We used Nanogirl’s videos to learn about Covid-19, washing hands and even made our own ‘Super Power Soap’ 

These are great videos to watch with your children and learn about the virus in a child-friendly way.

In small groups, we conducted the Pepper ‘virus’ experiment.

The first step was to make predictions about what we thought would happen:


they are not going to spread  - Scarlett

it washed away when we put our hands in it - Paige

you will end up with no germs - Hector, Adam and Declan


We put soap and sanitiser on our fingers and put them in the ‘virus’ water and watched with great anticipation. We were able to share our observations with the group. We were also able to see that soap was the best way to wash germs off our hands and also keep them away for a while.


because there is soap and water the germs don’t stick to you - Declan

It ran away - Lilly

The soap was better because the soap stayed on my finger longer than the sanitiser. The virus moved away from the soap quickly - Scarlett

I put my finger in the virus and it moved away from my finger because I had sanitiser on it - Khobey

We made some 'Super Power Soap" to use to keep our hands clean and free from germs.


We made soap yesterday. I made a unicorn soap. It’s going to smell like roses. - Rylee


As a class we were able to make a list of things we could do to help stay germ free:

- Wash you hands using soap for at least 20 seconds. We thought you could sing Happy Birthday twice to know you have done it for long enough.

- Avoid touching your face.

- Sneeze and cough into you elbow - do the dab!

- Use a tissue - throw it in the bin - wash your hands.

The students wanted to share these messages with the rest of the school so made posters to display around the school.



Our posters had to have a clear message and image - and Mrs Foley was keen on them having a border.


These are around the school now - so look out for them.


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