Volcano writing

Room 13 has been learning to use adjectives into our writing to make our writing more interesting to the reader and to paint a clear picture in the reader's mind. We have also been learning to use conjunctions, such as because, in our writing to extend our sentences and turn a simple sentence into a compound sentence. 

Learning intentions: 

  • To incorporate adjectives into our writing to make our writing more interesting to the reader. 

  • Learn about the different stages that volcanoes can go through. 

  • Use simple conjunctions to help extend our sentence further. 

Achievement objectives: 

English, speaking, writing and presenting, structure: Organise texts, using simple structures. 

Social sciences: Understand how the past is important to people. 

As our inquiry topic has been based on volcanoes in our writing we have been describing what a volcano looks like when it erupts. The students have also been learning about the different stages that a volcano goes through as part of their inquiry topic. The students needed to choose one of the three stages to write about. These stages a volcano can go through are active, dormant and extinct. We learned that an active volcano is a volcano that is currently erupting, a dormant volcano is a volcano that isn’t currently erupting but has erupted within the last 10,000 years and an extinct volcano is a volcano that hasn’t erupted in the last 10,000 years. 

The lava is erupting out of the volcano. A volcano can sleep for ten thousand years. 

By Kaley 

The lava is flowing onto the ground. The volcano exploded. Volcanoes can not erupt for ten thousand years and when it does erupt it is active. 

By Katie. 

The volcano exploded red lava. The volcano exploded because it is an active volcano. 

By George 

The volcano erupts because water comes in. The volcano erupted 10,000 years ago. The volcano is erupting because it is an active volcano. 

By Matthew. 



A dormant volcano means it’s sleeping. (Emmy) 

A volcano that is exploding is an active volcano. (Tane) 

As a class we looked at lots of pictures of different types of volcanoes. The students each got a picture of a volcano that's erupting and needed to describe what the volcano looked like using adjectives. The students thought about the different adjectives that they could use in their writing to describe a volcano. Some of the adjectives that they came up with were: erupting, quickly, flowing and blasting. The students were using the conjunctions to extend their sentence and turn a simple sentence into a compound sentence. During our buddy time with the wonderful Room 6 we shared our volcano writing with our buddies. 







Keywords: volcanes, describe, conjunctions, compound sentence & adjectives

Curriculum links: Science, Living World & English, Speaking, Writing and Presenting, Structure