Wairakei’s Got Talent

Wairakei’s Got Talent for 2019 has been and gone.

This was the biggest turn-out yet. With multiple entries across Te Mihi and Aratiatia teams, it was a real extravaganza and a culmination to our inquiry called ‘Summer Concert’. Students were self-assured and willing to share their talents. This could be due to our class Summer Concert performances which saw students overcoming stage-fright and developing new-found confidence to perform in front of others. Even some Year 3s were performing alone. This takes a lot of courage and the audience were very supportive of each performance.




The goals of our Summer Concert inquiry were to prepare and share dance movement or music-making with others, using basic performance skills and techniques individually, in pairs or in groups. We had one performer on the saxophone, many singers, and lots of dancers. There were also a few comedians and gymnasts.



It was also a key competency goal to work collaboratively with others (participating and contributing).

The success criteria the students had to follow were:

  • Practise until you know it off by heart

  • Check it with a teacher

  • Cooperate with your group

  • Include people in the performance

  • Support other groups by giving positive feedback

Our judges, Whaea Angel and Whaea Chelle, had a tough job. The judging criteria, each scored out of five (5) were:

  • Is it entertaining? 

  • Is the crowd engaged? 

  • Did all the people in the group know the actions and words? 

  • Did we see you enjoying yourself? 





I was one of the hosts. From my view, it was really good because of all the entertainment and fun things to watch. Elijah’s singing was the best part for me. Next time I think each kid should have five minutes for their performance. It was really good. - Elliot

It’s amazing. There were some really good acts in there. I liked my sister’s act the best. It was just satisfying watching them. The seniors were good and the judges were good. I think the kids didn’t have enough room when they were sitting down. A teeny bit. - Harry

I loved it! Twirling around like this [twirls] was my best part. I call it the ‘Bella swing’. I was on the stage with Tyler. Next time I would like to do ‘Roar’. We couldn’t do it because other people were doing it. - Isabella

I liked watching the other performances and the teachers’ one. Evie was crying - she was laughing so hard. I did a handstand, cartwheels and the splits on the mat. I was happy with my group. Next time, I won’t fail my handstands. - Jorja

View the Wairakei's Got Talent Sumo video here


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Curriculum links: Music L2 Sound arts - Developing Ideas, Communicating and Interpreting

Dance L2 Communicating and Interpreting 

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