Wave Creators

Exploring sound waves by the properties of sound, pitch, loudness, speed, and reflection of sound. Using different instruments we created different pitches and tones along with loudness.

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I want a xylophone, I picked up the different tones and pitches so quickly I can now create different waves to make a song.

Speed of the sound waves changes the overall sound.

Understanding how sound waves create all sounds required splashing into the scientific world. identifying properties of sound (pitch and loudness). We created musical rubberbands creating different pitch discussing the variety of sounds they could create.

The thickness of the elastic bands changes the pitch of the sound produced

The way the bands were plucked affects the loudness.

We experimented with straws to demonstrate how wind instruments channel the sound waves through different lengths of straws. What combination will make high pitched tone and low pitched tones.

Shorter stars make high pitched sounds and longer straws make low pitched sounds this is because of the density of the wave as it moves closer together.

Having the straws in order of length made the pitches sound more natural transition of pitch from high to low. As the sound wave created with the movement of air is created.

Musical water jars showed us how sound waves moved through water. This visual representation of the sound waves that are invisible in air

The amount of water affects the pitch of the sound created. Less water makes a deeper sound and the higher the water.

Even the smallest amount of water in the jar’s affected the pitch of sound it created.

We created drums to explore the loudness and pitch together. We changed the materials, thickness, the tension and base materials to compare the changes made in the sounds, pitch and loudness. We then created our theories to explain why we throught it happened.

When we make the drums using stiffer materials it makes a louder sound.

Our hypothesis about pitch and loudness were mostly wrong, the materials had a massive affect on the loudness produced.

2024 Chauval

Angel Chauval

Wairakei Primary school has a wonderful rural environment and an amazing community. I enjoy working with this community to help students rise to succeed. Learning happens everywhere and is different for every child, celebrating and challenging students is my drive as a teacher.

I strive to encourage every student to achieve to the best of their ability. My passions are Technology and Science. I use them as foundations in unlocking excitement and wonder to produce thinkers and creators.

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