Where am I? Exploring Positional Language

Room One has been exploring the language of positions and the synonyms for each of them as part of our term inquiry.

Some of the words and positions Room 1 students have learned and observed.


Over - on top, above, atop, on. - I am laying on top of the table. Thor


Under - below, beneath. - We are all under or below the tables,” Molly.

We are under the table together, Zoey


Beside - alongside, next to, parallel to, near. I am alongside Scott, Max M 


Adjacent - catty corner, adjoining, next to, alongside, diagonally. I am beside Max H, Deklyn. We are adjacent to each other, Max H.


Behind - beyond, in back of, after, after, following, at the rear The rock is behind the chair, India.


In front - leading, before, first, forward.

Inside - in, inner, interior, indoors. I put the plastic animals inside the container, India.


Outside - outer, exterior, outdoors. Hanging out outside the class is great, Jackson and Ryker.


Between - among, in the middle, sandwiched.

Around - The chairs are around the the table, Scotty and Scott


Opposite - facing, across from - “I am opposite Leela. We are facing each other.  Thea.   I am facing India, Zoey.


Compass points - North, South, East, West, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southwest. - Never Eat Soggy Weetbix helps me to remember the compass points, Max H.


The positional words and directions are being used more often in class throughout the day, and it has been interesting to hear some of their synonyms being used. Students are more confident in exploring the different words and adding them to their vocabulary. They are keen to apply their knowledge in reading maps and for digital learning games, to achieve an end goal. 

Key words: Math, prepositions, placement, synonyms, vocabulary. skills, observations.