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ZOOM Guidelines for Parents

Zoom is an online tool or application that allows video and audio communication to groups. The purpose of using Zoom with the students in our classes is to enable face to face interaction during this lockdown period. These guidelines are designed to help Zoom meetings go smoothly for all and help everyone stay cybersafe.

Teacher Safety Steps

To ensure that only class members can join, the school will be providing a Meeting ID. The Waiting Room feature will be used which means the administrator has to ‘admit’ each student into the meeting. Teachers can control student microphones and who can share their screen.

Expectations for Students

Parents, please go through these points with students prior to the Zoom meeting.

  • You need to ensure your device is fully charged or plugged in before entering a Zoom session.
  • Once you have clicked on the invitation link, you will go into a ‘waiting room’. Our administrator will allow access to the session. You will know when this has happened because you will be able  to  see others on your screen.
  •  Once  you are admitted you will be waiting for others to join.
  • Once the meeting has started at the set time, no further students will be admitted as this becomes too disruptive for the flow of the meeting and for the teacher running it.
  • The volume will need to be up on the device you are using and the video activated.
  • Set your device to mute when you enter the meeting
  • Your teacher will lead the session.

Expectations for Parents

  • Please do not use photography or any recording equipment (including Zoom recording) during the Zoom session.
  • Please label your Zoom name in this way:   Parent first name  - Child’s name/s – room      e.g. Linda – Ben – Room 18