Years 0-2




LI: to know the sounds for all of the letters

Click on the image above to go to Mrs Griffin’s slide show of phonics videos. Choose one a day and practise your letter sounds with her.

Task 1


Read In the Bush

LI: retell the main events in a text

What landed on Dad’s arm?

Draw a picture of it on Dad’s arm and in the bush.

Task 2


Read Feeding the Birds

LI: find information in a text

Design your own bird feeder using recycled objects.

If you can, make it and take a photo of it and share it with your teacher.

Task 3


Read Whai - String Games

LI: make connections between a text and our own lives

Have you ever played this string game?

Find a piece of string and have a go playing it with others in your house.






Task 1

LI: Write a description 


Write 5 sentences about Autumn leaves.

What do they smell, feel and sound like?

You can use the picture to help - or look in your backyard for any that have fallen off the trees. 

Task 2

LI: spell all of the sight words correctly

Choose a number of words that you need to learn how to spell from the sight word list in your home learning folder.

Each day choose one of these activities to help you learn to read and write your sight words. 

Take a photo of how you are learning them and share it to Seesaw.


LI: Move our bodies

Choose a yoga session from CosmicKids Yoga

How did it make you feel?


Choose an exercise or dance video from GoNoodle

Can you learn one of their guided dances?