Welcome to Wairakei Primary School

A friendly, supportive inclusive rural Taupō community school for year 1-6 children.

Our educational mission is simple, yet significant—Wairakei Primary School works in partnership with our community to grow our children into confident lifelong learners.

Your child will learn in a supportive caring community environment. They'll be actively encouraged to innovate without apprehension, so they can achieve significant success, rewarding them with power and confidence for lifelong learning. 


We'd be delighted that you join us.



Please note: Wairakei Primary School is governed by a Ministry of Education established enrolment scheme (zoned). Please refer to the documents for a full written description.

Wairakei Primary School makes it into 'Top 10 Education Trends for 2019', Core Education publication.

Ten Trends group had been searching our website for a while and used our 'Modern learning' link to share with schools both nationally and internationally. You can check us out on this link. It is a big thing to be acknowledged for the work our teachers do in the classrooms. It is great to see our students using our concept of 'Learn it Prove it'. It’s such a great concept.

Latest Posts

Rolling into technology Nathan counting out cookies

New Blog Post

For our 'Mall in the Hall', a few businesses have decided to make food products. So room 9 looked for a simple recipe and looked at what it would cost... Read more about 'New Blog Post'...


Relating to Others, Using Language Texts and Symbols, Managing Self, Thinking, Participating and Contributing, Mathematics, Technology;

4 days ago

Angel Chauval-Smith

Leveling up 03

Levelling up

We are learning new skills and strategies we can use to help us work out unknown problems. Here are our ladders that keep us on track. Read more about 'Levelling up'...


Mathematics, Participating and Contributing, Relating to Others, Managing Self;

4 days ago

Tayla Nicholson

Egg Carton Couch workshop 1

Egg Carton Workshop

Reid G. I solved the problem by using an array and looking at it and saying one bite at a time. I added up the base, arms and back separately. Read more about 'Egg Carton Workshop'...

Te Mihi;

4 days ago

Chris Simm

2019 Poihipi MapsandMinefieldMaths16

Maps and Minefield Maths

One way we explored this was in math by learning about directions, creating our own maps, giving people directions and being able to follow them to navigate our way through mazes. Read more about 'Maps and Minefield Maths'...


Mathematics, English, Participating and Contributing, Thinking;

6 days ago

Paul Morehu

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Tuwharetoa Festival

17 September 2019 - 17 September 2019


Board Meeting

19 September 2019 - 19 September 2019


Assembly Poihipi

20 September 2019 - 20 September 2019


Swimming Years 0-2

23 September 2019 - 23 September 2019