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Looking for an extraordinary school with incredibly passionate students, parents, community partners, and staff? We have the perfect place for you!

Are you an experienced Year 3 or Year 4 teacher inspired with making a difference in the community and yourself? We have a wonderful permanent teaching position waiting for you! Plus, enjoy a beautiful drive to work every day.

Your commitment to us is to start teaching our enthusiastic students on July 22, 2024.

More details here.

Extending the classroom: Happening Now

Keep Learning

< 1min Read

Microscopic Magic! Unlocking the secrets of Fabric

The ability to observe and analyse surroundings is a critical skill for students. An exciting way to develop this skill has been through the explorati…
Health and Physical Education
3 min Read

What happens when you bring an expert to school?

You get students jumping rope all day doing tricks and learning new things.
< 1min Read

BSLA has come to Room 12

Education continues throughout our lives. I am learning about the Better Start Literacy Approach (BSLA) and applying this learning in the classroom. T…
The Arts, Learning Languages
4 min Read

Ko Wai Au? Who Am I?

Room 8’s inquiry was all about tūrangawaewae, where we stand now, where our place of connection is, who we are as people and how we are connected to t…
Mathematics and Statistics
< 1min Read

Mapping New Zealand

In Room 1, students have been learning to understand and compare maps, identify map features, how to use them, and how some maps vary in their constru…
Science, The Arts, Social Sciences
< 1min Read

Silver fern art

Did you know silver is found only on the undersides of mature ponga fronds?

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