Mentoring within schools has become an increasingly popular and effective way to bring a caring adult or older peer relationship to the lives of more youth. The school setting provides an opportunity to reach students in an environment that also allows access to educational, recreational, and developmental support to help enhance mentoring relationships. If you feel you may have something to offer we would love to hear from you. Please contact Jenna Foley to discuss options.


Wairakei Primary School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students to learn. Volunteering creates a dynamic, diverse network of whānau dedicated to strengthening the foundations of education, youth and community. Please contact Jenna Foley to discuss options to volunteer.

Coaches and Managers

Wairakei Primary School is committed to Sports and The Arts.

If you are able to volunteer your time and would like to coach or manage a Sports team we welcome all enquiries. Please feel free to chat to Paul Morehu if would like more information. If you are considering volunteering in The Arts please feel free to chat to Carla Ross about possibilities.

Why volunteer to coach or manage?

  • Having fun
  • Socialising
  • Learning new skills
  • Giving something back
  • Developing athletes
  • Developing new friends

Please note: All Coaches and Managers are required to be Police vetted.


Make a difference in the lives of Wairakei Primary School students today. Whether you’re able to donate money, time, or goods, we are forever grateful. Our school thrives because of the generous community surrounding it. Contact Jenna Foley on behalf of the PTA. 

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