Around the outside and back through the middle

Hands on, modelling, restructuring, and moving materials have all helped Room 1 students to gain an understanding of area and perimeter.

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By using blocks and multilink blocks, students were able to visualise how area and perimeter differ. Forming different shapes using the blocks, being able to calculate how many go around the outside,  and how many make up the whole shape gives the students an understanding of how to differentiate between the two aspects of measurement.

Pairs or small groups worked to create their shapes, replicate them in their books, and record both the perimeter and area equations and final measurements. 

The activity varied on the chosen shapes.  From the very simple shape to the more complex and artistic representation of perimeter and area. Some of these included  squares, rectangles, and pyramids and even the whole Simpsons family in block style. 

The students discussions were hearty and thoughtful and they were able to confidently explain what they understood about this mathematical concept and how they could use area and perimeter measurements in real life situations.

Our pyramid had an area of 9 blocks squared and a perimeter of 16 blocks.

Making the family of the Simpsons was fun. We had to figure out how to make them different sizes and to show Marge’s hair. They were all different sizes so the area and perimeter of each of the family was different. We drew them in our maths books and coloured them in.

Deklyn and I made our shape with blocks, then we measured it using a ruler. It was really different how many blocks there were to how many centimetres it measured.

Having the blocks beside us when we were doing our maths made it easy to draw it into our books. You could see how many squares to go around and count.

Drawing the shapes was easy because we could use the squares and then show what the shape looked like on paper.

Having the blocks to use to make the shapes made it so much easier to see how much area a shape takes up.

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Carla Ross

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