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Knowing what to do in a fire is an important life skill that could just save a life. The Firewise programme is a key resource to teach students about how to be safe, the dangers of fire and the crucial steps to take in case of an emergency.

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Poihipi Students Master Fire Safety with Finesse

The journey begins with students identifying their existing knowledge about fire and why it can be dangerous. By exploring various aspects of fire, they learnt the importance of fire safety and the potential risks of fire. 


In the Firewise lessons, students were introduced to matches and lighters, learning that these are tools not toys. Through hands-on activities involving sorting and identifying toys and tools, the young learners soon learned what to do if they saw a lighter or a match in the wrong hands or lying about.

You give it to an adult straight away. It is a tool not a toy.

Knowing what to do with dangerous tools is important. In our house Mum and Dad keep the matches and lighters up high in the kitchen.

Smoke Alarms save lives. Poihipi students role played what to do if they hear the beep, beep of a smoke alarm.

When you hear the loud beep, beep you get down, get low and get out fast. You yell Fire, Fire!

The Firewise story, "Tamati and Sam Get Firewise," helped students to understand how to safely evacuate from a burning building. The Poems and large photos provided by the Friewise programme reminded students of what was safe and unsafe around the home.

Smoke alarms are noisy and loud to tell you there is a fire or smoke.

Smoke alarms are like little heroes in our house. They have a superpower; they can smell smoke even before we can!

Students were given a booklet to work through at home. Included was a sticker to put on their safe meeting place and a map so families could talk about their safe meeting place and practise it at home.

Having a plan is as important as getting out so you know everyone is safe.

If there's a fire, I know my family's plan is to quickly get outside, stay low, and meet at our special place to make sure we're all safe.

Students also learnt how firefighters combat fires and the various other roles jobs they have in the community like helping out at accidents and educating people about fire safety. At the end of the programme students were treated to a visit from local firefighters. The firefighters talked about the equipment on the fire truck, their breathing apparatus and quizzed the students on what they had learnt from the Firewise programme.

I want to see how the different parts of the fire engine hold tools like the hoses and the ladders. It's like a tool shed on wheels that is there to protect us.

It was so exciting to have a real firefighter come visit us and tell us all about how they help keep us safe from fires and emergencies.

Students now have a better understanding of the importance of smoke alarms, the importance of having a safe meeting place and having a plan to get out if there is a fire. They understand the difference between tools and toys and can demonstrate that they know to:  Get Down, Get Low and Get Out Fast.

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