Data Dilemma

Learning to read and use a calendar is an important life skill. Room 4 have been interpreting a calendar and realise that they need to have a good understanding of how months, weeks, and days are shown on a calendar.

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As a class, Room 4 discussed how people use a calendar. They use it for many different reasons. At school, we use it to show what we have happening each week, and it keeps all the teachers organised for future events that are happening. It helps the parents keep track of the afterschool event and when they need to come to school to see the learning in action.

Using the information provided in the Data Dilemma booklet from the Figure It Out series, the students had to problem solve what date would be best to run a school gala for Te Rata School. 

The groups had to sort through a process of working out and eliminating the dates that people could not do, then decide on the date that would best suit most people and give a reason why. Much like when the teacher plans a school event.

I think the gala should be on the 22nd of November because on the 1st, everyone will go to the parade, and strong winds won't do much.

I think it should be on the 22nd because all there is, is strong winds.

The gala should be on the 1st because after the wedding, they can have the gala.

think it should be on the 1st because then the gala won't be as busy.

After a group discussion and peers challenging each other's thinking, the group came to the conclusion that they wanted the gala to be busy. Filled with action. They thought people going to the parade could come to the gala first if the timing was right.

We choose the 1st as the wedding could start after the gala has finished, and besides, the strong winds will blow everything over.

The gala should be on the 22nd, as it cannot be on the 1st since the parade is on the 1st weekend of the month.

Kase and I think it should be on the 8th, as only 4 teachers are away, and surely the gala can still go ahead without the 4 teachers. We could just get a substitute teacher.

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