Exploring with Patterns

Patterns are an essential concept that lays the foundation for various mathematical and cognitive skills. They are all around us, from the arrangement of leaves on a tree to the sequence of days in a week. While we explore with patterns we learn to understand, describe, continue and create patterns.…

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Mrs Meyer introduced patterns to Room 16 students by explaining and showing them what a pattern looks like with the help of some peers. We used big circles to start with and to do it as a whole class to understand what and how a pattern works.

Patterns with Interlock blocks

The students used interlock blocks to choose and start their own pattern to make a tower. While they were busy focusing on building their pattern tower, they used their critical thinking skills to work out what colour block will be next. Some students took the initiative to build more than one tower and to use different colours for each tower. After building their pattern tower, we discussed what their towers looked like and the colours they used.

Patterns with counters

Using counters was a different way to keep the students engaged to create their own patterns. By doing hands-on activities it can help students to better understand and remember how a repetitive pattern works. Creating their own patterns also fosters creativity and problem-solving skills.

As students grasp the basic concept, we can look into more complex patterns. For instance, use three or more colours in a sequence like red, blue, green, red, blue, green. This will challenge them to identify longer repeating sequences.

To pick different colours.

It was hard to use red, red, yellow.

Colours, counters, and interlock blocks are powerful tools in helping Room 16 to develop a solid grasp of patterns. By progressing from understanding and describing patterns to continuing and eventually creating their own, students are not only building mathematical skills but also nurturing their cognitive abilities.


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