Fantastic, Fast, and Fun Fitness


Term 3 and cross country running go together like fish 'n chips.

Cross country training can inspire a love or hate response from many students. While most students can identify that when we are fit we feel better and can achieve more. Running round and round in circles everyday to achieve this fitness is not everyones cup of tea.


Room 3 students have been creating and evaluating fitness courses to improve their fitness levels and to encourage greater enjoyment of getting fitter. 

Students developed a success criteria for an effective fitness course:

  • Activities must get our hearts pumping

  • Activities must be fun - not boring

  • Activities must be safe - unlikely to injure each other

  • Activities must not damage our environment

  • Activities must not need too much equipment or they will take forever to set up


To start this process students experienced some fitness courses that Mrs Sprague dreamed up.  They found she is very fond of step ups and terrible at sit ups.  Exploring fitness circuit resources that are found on the internet was another initial step. This process helped students  get ideas and identify what type of activities were fun and effective. 


As the weather is not alway supportive of outside activities, students also investigated fitness activities that can be done safely inside.


Parkour Running is a fitness activity that has become popular in recent years. Students investigated 

Parkour Pairs from the Movewell challenge games resource. The village park was a great place for students to explore Parkour. Our criteria of activities must be safe - unlikely to injure each other and activities must not damage our environment were our key focus areas for Parkour running courses.


Students learnt how to respectfully reflect on and evaluate their own and each other's fitness activities and courses. This involved presenting their opinions in a respectful way and giving examples of why they thought that. Students could also suggest improvements. 

Me and my friends use the fitness challenge cards in the morning before school.  I like being the coach and the movements are fun and make you strong. May 


I was very sensible when doing the yoga fitness challenge on a wet day.  Some students found it challenging to be sensible when we tried a yoga circuit. Benjamin


I can’t believe mine and Olive’s fitness circuit was chosen by the class as the most fun.  I think it was because it was a race.  This made it extra fun. Laura 


Skipping is a really fun fitness activity and you don’t need much equipment. Frankie

Our activity for the circuit was not very successful because the equipment we used did not work properly.  We will try something different next time. Kase


Me and Max P went together for Parkour Pairs. We did lots of leaping over obstacles.  We were a good team because we were both really fast. And we could do challenging moves. Kian 


During Parkour, we thought of working together to climb a tree. We were careful not to hurt the tree.  Kaley


Me and Laura bounced and jumped between the tyres that were part of the pump track. That made us pretty tired. Kase


Moving in different ways for Parkour Pairs was heaps of fun. I managed to leap over a swing. Henry 


I think Parkour Pairs was a good activity because you had to be creative and move in different ways.  Finn


Gnapika and I were buddies and we came up with leaping over the bouncy ladybird and each other. Lennon


We all managed to stay safe during the Parkour Pair activity and Mrs Sprague was really pleased with us.  Ella

Curriculum Links: Health and Physical Education: Personal Health and Physical Development - Regular physical activity: Experience creative, regular, and enjoyable physical activities and describe the benefits to well-being.

Key Competencies:  

Attributed to: Movewell Challenge Games - Parkour Pairs, Spotify fitness playlists for kids 

Key Words: Fitness, cross country running, reflection, evaluation