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What is sketchnoting? Sketchnoting is visual note taking - using doodles and text to improve memory, recall, and comprehension.

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The process of taking notes by sketching has been interesting, funny at times, and has resulted in some important dialogue. Learning to sketch encourages risk taking, resilience and being able to accept that the sketches don’t have to be perfect, they just have to help you share a message or remember things. Be fearless.

Motivation to start sketchnoting began with a video called “My pencil made me do it: A beginners guide to sketchnoting in the classroom”.  Students had a go at creating a fancy heading and sketching a few icons - a footprint, fish, apple, and a hot drink from the video.

After listening to a story - just a short one - students had a go at drawing the sequence of the story and remembered by sketchnoting. This brought in elements of computational thinking. Mrs Ross showed a variety of icons from Sylvia Duckworth who is a sketchnote guru. Using the easy line drawings to depict different items, subjects, faces, actions, plus many more things, students were able to draw a sequence for their own story and show their favourite items on a thinksheet.

Since learning to sketchnote, Deklyn has applied this skill to reading and writing tasks, planning for his writing and creating posters. Some of the benefits of using sketchnote strategies have been increased focus, engagement, comprehension, and memory retention.

Sketchnoting is a calm and relaxing way of making notes. It takes a while because I put in lots of details.

Making fancy headings and being able to draw pictures helps me to remember what we have been learning. I am getting better at the icons.

I love to draw, so this is something I really enjoy. I can get my ideas down on paper and remember what stories are about. I use sketchnotes after reading and when I have ideas for writing.

When I drew pictures of the story Mrs Ross told, I was able to remember the whole thing in order. It was so easy to remember.

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Carla Ross

I am passionate about our students, teaching and learning, particularly in the areas of literacy, digital technology, physical education, and the Arts. I believe that forming positive relationships with students and whānau are at the heart of success for everyone.

I enjoy Wairakei Primary School for the whānaungatanga and maanaakitanga where close connections between staff, students, and the wider Wairakei community are fostered and enjoyed.

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